Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor already teased a potential rematch — in the octagon

floyd mayweather conor mcgregorMatthew

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather concluded their four-city
press tour in London on Friday .

The final press conference included the usual staredowns,
threats, and profane and fairly offensive trash talk between the
two fighters.

Interestingly, during the banter while Mayweather had the
microphone, the two fighters seemed to hint at a future rematch,
this time in the octagon.

It was likely all posturing, but Mayweather, while criticizing
McGregor, said to Dana White, “You should have came and got me
for the UFC, if you wanted a real champion! I run the octagon! I
run the ring!”

He added to McGregor, “You say something else, I’ll whoop your
ass in the octagon.”

McGregor jumped at the opportunity, saying, “When I spike you
August 26, I’m gonna make you face me in a rematch in the
octagon! And then we’ll see if you’re all talk or not.”

Throughout the press tour, McGregor has called the bout with
Mayweather “half a fight,” referring to the usual mixed martial
arts he’s used to in UFC. While McGregor faces a steep uphill
battle against Mayweather in a boxing-only fight, Mayweather
would face an even tougher obstacle in a UFC fight, as, to our
knowledge, he’s not an expert in any other disciplines. McGregor,
free of some of the rules in boxing, could go right at him.

Again, it’s likely all posturing, but it does raise an
interesting question about how the August 26 boxing match will
conclude. Both fighters are expected to make over $100 million
for the bout. If the fight is entertaining enough, the potential
money for a rematch could be huge, and both fighters are
never shy about their business acumen and net worths.

If both men care to make more money after their boxing match, a
rematch certainly could be possible, though it seems highly
unlikely that Mayweather would agree to enter the octagon.

Watch the exchange below: