One of the world’s best restaurants opened a temporary pop-up in the Mexican jungle — here’s what it’s like to eat there

Noma MexicoA seafood dish at Noma Mexico.Facebook/René Redzepi

Denmark’s renowned restaurant Noma, which owned a top spot on the list of “The World’s 50 Best” for years, has opened a temporary outpost in Mexico. 

Head chef René Redzepi is know for his love of foraging. He closed the main Noma restaurant in Copenhagen in February 2017 and announced plans to re-open it as an urban farm later in the year. Noma had earned two stars in the prestigious Michelin guide. 

In the interim, Redzepi has headed out to Tulum, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, to set up a restaurant for seven weeks.

Here’s what it’s like to eat there:

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The new Noma location is on the edge of the jungle in Tulum, a resort town overlooking the Caribbean in Mexico.

It’s an outdoor, open-air restaurant.

Chef René Redzepi describes Mexico as being a very sentimental place for him. “I consider it to be my adopted home, one filled with almost a decade of cherished memories from vacations with my family. The place that I dream about,” he said on the Noma website.

 Source: Noma

Redzepi is known for his love of foraging ingredients from nearby forests and shores in Denmark. However, he claims that Mexican cuisine has also had a strong influence on his cooking.

 Source: Noma

Before the temporary restaurant opened for guests on April 12, Redzepi traveled through Mexico to find new flavors and ingredients with his former sous chef Rosio Sanchez.

“We searched to find that special chile, to understand the seafood, to taste just a few of the infinite variations of mole, and to find inspiration in the vast and wonderful culture,” Redzepi said.

 Source: Noma

In an interview with Vogue, Redzepi said that spice would be one of the most important factors on his new menu. “Discovering spice is like uncovering a sixth flavor,” he said. “So it’s basically all over the menu.”

Source: Vogue

Many of the ingredients he uses are locally sourced.

They’re prepared in innovative ways.

The tasting menu costs $600 per person, including drinks.

There’s plenty of seafood on the menu.

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