6 low-cost marketing tactics to boost your startups’ presence

As a startup, your time and money may be limited — especially for marketing. But you don’t always need an elaborate marketing strategy to make some noise on the internet, attract an audience, and build lasting customer relationships.  

As I explained in my last article, you can focus on perfecting a few key tactics instead.

But which tactics, you ask? You’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing some of the best marketing tactics for startups based on my personal experience.

1. Define your story

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s also the natural beginning of every startup: Who are you, why are you here, and what will you change?

The first step is to tell your story to everyone and anyone. This is the best way to gather feedback and see what resonates.

The best narratives I’ve read are stuck with me forever, like the co-founders of Airbnb needing to sell sleeping spots on mattresses to afford rent or Dropbox’s CEO forgetting his USB stick. They also tend to answer the following questions:

  • What’s current situation in your industry and why does it suck?
  • Why is the problem you’re addressing so significant?
  • How on earth will you solve it?
  • Why are you the ones specifically that will be able to solve it?
  • What can your audience do right now to contribute?

Once you’ve found the right story, your communication will become more valuable.

2. Build meaningful relationships

You need to build relationships to grow in marketing. And although this doesn’t seem like a tactic, it’s a sure fire way to improve your future announcements.

All you need to do is have regular and real conversations with reporters, bloggers, and others in your field. Many startups start shouting when they have news, but the fact is, you need to lay some groundwork (annoying, I know, but so worth it).

This tactic includes going to meetups, meeting competitors, being social at conferences. All these things (that are quite fun) are a legitimate and effective tactics for building relationships.