9 signs your bug bite needs medical attention

bug bite
There are some signs you shouldn’t ignore after getting a bug bite.
Ekaterina Karetkina/Shutterstock

The sweetness of summer comes with an uncomfortable caveat: bugs.

From camping to star-gazing to unwinding on the deck with a glass of wine, it can be difficult to fully immerse yourself in summer when something just bit you.

Thankfully, as irritating as they may be, most bug bites aren’t dangerous, according to Healthline. Odds are good that the redness, itching, or stinging from mosquitoes, bees, ticks, or spiders are just that and don’t hint at anything more.

Still, it’s important to be proactive — and bug bites can lead to allergic reactions, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and more. We rounded up all of the signs you should get that bite checked out — and soon.

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