An Alaska Airlines passenger stripped naked and ran around the cabin before being detained (ALK)

A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight took off his clothes and ran up and down the aisle, the New York Daily News reports.

The passenger was on flight 107, which was traveling from Seattle to Anchorage on Monday. He reportedly removed his clothes and ran the length of the cabin for about 20 minutes before landing. Two passengers reportedly tackled him and locked him in a bathroom.

After the flight landed at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, law enforcement reportedly took the man into custody and brought him to a nearby hospital. The Anchorage Police Department and Alaska Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But the airline told the New York Daily News that a disruptive passenger was detained during the flight.

Johnny Ellis, a former member of Alaska’s Senate and House of Representatives, was on the flight and wrote about it on Twitter.

“WOW. On my flt from SEA 2 ANC, a completely naked man ran from front of plane to back, yelling and waving. 2 big guys maybe one Air Marshall tackeled him and locked in bathroom. Some fear & distress @ passengers NO word from Cpt or Crew. Waiting now @ gate 4 law enforcement !!” he wrote.

Ellis also wrote that one of the men who tackled the naked passenger may have been the passenger’s father.

In February, an Alaska Airlines flight made an unscheduled landing after a naked passenger locked himself in the bathroom on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage.

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