CHEAP: Even the heartless would love 83% off the JBL Heart Rate bluetooth sports

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When working out, it’s important to have a great sweat-proof pair of earphones to blast tunes that keep you motivated.  Plus, you need a good fitness band to track your workouts to measure your performance. Now, this sounds like a look of money being spent on gadgets, but what if I told you there are earphones that have in-built heart rate tracking?

It’s important to have a great sweatproof pair of earphones for your workout to keep you going. Plus, you would also need a good fitness band to track your workouts. What if I tell you there are earphones that have in-built heart rate tracking?

The JBL Heart Rate Bluetooth sports earphones are built for fitness activities. The pair is on sale for just $24.99, down from $149.95. That’s a steal!

JBL says the heart rate monitoring is compatible with all leading fitness apps such as Strava and MapMyFitness. Plus, it can sync up with your phone to give you instant updates and feedback with a single tap on the earphones.

I’ve used JBL earphones in the past, and I can surely tell you they have good sound for your workout-related music. The pair can last for 10 hours with a single charge – that’s more than a week’s workout for a lot of folks.

Don’t miss out on this awesome workout companion. Get the JBL Heart Rate Bluetooth sports earphone for just $24.99 ($124.96 off).

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Published October 8, 2019 — 13:06 UTC


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