Fewer parents are naming their kids Alexa or Siri

Picking a name for your kid can be a long and difficult process. You have to take into account factors like the name’s sound, its meaning, its cultural connotations, and your family history. It’s a goddamn minefield and technology has only made it worse.

Nowadays, the real and digital worlds are increasingly blended, making it tough to separate the two. Just consider how AI voice assistants are being given “proper human” names, such as Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Siri.

I guess tech companies are doing this to make us think they’re actual people and not brainless robots. But this blurring of the line between the digital and real is surely having an impact on the world, right?

Well, we had to find out, so, we asked ourselves a simple question: what are voice assistants doing to perfectly good kid names?

We dove into the data to get an answer.