FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: Russian officials are ‘high-fiving one another’ over America’s political chaos

Michael Hayden.


Former CIA Director Michael Hayden thinks Russian government
officials are probably “high-fiving one another” over their
success influencing the 2016 election and other actions that
have led to chaos in the American political system.

Hayden, who previously served as the director of the NSA and CIA
during the Bush administration, also spoke to The Cipher
about Trump’s sharing of sensitive information on the
ISIS terror group with Russian officials that had reportedly been
given to the US by Israeli spies.

“It’s a hard and fast rule within the intelligence
profession that you do not pass information onto a third party
without the permission of the original source of the
information,” Hayden said. The source of the information Trump
passed to Russian officials was apparently from Israel,
which reportedly warned months ago
that it shouldn’t be
shared with the White House over fears it could be leaked to

“Of course it’ll have a negative impact. It’s the third
party rule,” Hayden told The Cipher Brief of potential
consequences of such a disclosure. “The word is now out that the
president disregarded the third party rule and so you’re going to
have a lot of countries hesitating to share information with us.
Now can I measure that? No. Can we get over that over the
long-term? Probably. But there’s a reason there’s a third party
rule. And there are consequences when you decide to disregard

After White House spokespeople attempted to deny such
a disclosure, Trump seemed to confirm on Twitter that he had
indeed shared information with the Russians in order to work
in the fight against ISIS. But the blowback from
reporting on the story, and new revelations of Trump allegedly
trying to squash an FBI direction have clearly taken its

“What [Russia has] done is to create chaos inside the
American political system with little cost to themselves,” Hayden

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