From a $10,000 celebration at a country club to a 6-figure ceremony in Central Park, here’s what 7 real couples spent on their weddings

Original budget: $12,500

In an effort to save money, Lauren Corso and her husband had a small wedding with their immediate family and their grandparents, followed by a reception-style party two months later. But combined, the two events cost just under $20,000, which was more than they wanted to spend.

“I think we hoped we could get married and celebrate the occasion for under $10,000…but things just got more expensive quickly,” Corso, 30 at the time, told Business Insider, adding that food and drink were the most important part of their budget. “But they were incredible days and worth it to be with all of our friends and family.”

They hoped to spend only $5,000 on the ceremony and dinner, but ended up spending $7,500. For the reception, they intended to spend $7,500, but ended up around $11,000.

However, they received $10,000 from her husband’s grandmother that covered the bulk of the reception costs. The rest of the costs for both ceremony and wedding were covered by Corso and her husband as well as their parents ($4,000 from his side and $2,000 from her side.)

The numbers below include the total spent for both events.

Flowers and décor: $1,900

Wedding planner/coordinator: $0 (did not use)

Venue: $3,400

Invitations and paper goods: $306

Wedding dress: $600

Food and libations: $10,599

Photography: $1,067 (used for ceremony only)

Music: $250 (used for reception only)

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