Grab More Leads with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

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As a B2B company, it’s important that you are familiar with one of the most effective social networks, LinkedIn, and that you utilize it effectively. We’ll take a deep dive into one of LinkedIn’s most effective features and how to utilize it for maximum potential.

One of the most effective sales tools you can find in the current market is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It’s a brilliant tool that makes it easier for businesses to establish stronger relationships with customers and boost B2B revenue.

Sales Navigator simplifies the task of identifying leads within a particular industry and geographic location. This leads to more accurate targeting and allows businesses to personalize their messages to each segment.

Of course, you could argue that there are other tools that do the same, but there are a few things that make Sales Navigator a better option. First, LinkedIn, being a social media platform, is already home to over 400 million users. So, you already have a vast “in-house” audience ripe for targeting. Second, it’s a cost-effective option.

Here’s how to get started:

Build leads

Once you have the tool set up, the first step is to choose the Lead Builder option. As the name indicates, Lead Builder helps you identify ideal leads within your targeted industry. There are filters to make your search as specific as possible. In fact, you get advanced filters for highly precise targeting.

Save leads

Once you’ve identified the lead, the next step is to save it. Saving allows you to access core details about the lead. You also have a Notes & Tags feature that records important points about the lead you’re dealing with.

Other than the leads identified by you, you also get recommendations from Sales Navigator. You can opt for ones that suit your preferences by going to Lead Recommendations. There is also an option to monitor specific sales updates in real time by choosing Filter Your Updates.

Insight gathering

Under Filter Your Updates, you can track your lead’s activities, which can provide you with further insights about them. The insights gathered can then be leveraged when you make that sales pitch. You can also use the Personalized InMail option to send customized emails based on the insights you’ve gathered.

Team Link

In the enterprise version of Sales Navigator, you get the Team Link option, which allows you to find more leads by leveraging your entire team and their connections.

Integrate your CRM

Sales Navigator can also be integrated with your CRM system, which makes it easier to monitor customer activities and even leverage the various metrics towards better decision-making.

Profile view

There is an option to inspect your profile views as well. This can be used to gain insights about the kind of audience you’re typically attracting. It’s also a great way to construct your ideal buyer persona.

These are some of the most useful features offered by Sales Navigator. As you can see, your ability to identify leads and target them on a more specific level becomes much more possible with LinkedIn’s most effective offering aimed at boosting sales.

Jonathan Furman

Jonathan got his start through an Advertising agency. He began in the production department and eventually worked his way up to managing a small team. He then decided to make a transfer over to sales, and over the course of a year built a book of business valued at north of $2.5MM a /year in revenue. Jonathan was given the opportunity to manage a team on this end as well (combination of junior account executives and sales reps) in bringing in new business, monetizing existing business, and growing revenue streams to their full potential. Later, he left the agency to form his own company as a financial intermediary, helping small businesses attain necessary funding during hard times. More recently, Jonathan has founded his own management consulting firm A.K.A. Furman Transformation, igniting his full passion in transforming all aspects of a company’s Sales, Marketing, and Operational Growth strategies, into the most powerful and polished version of themselves.

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