Hands-on: This is the OnePlus 6, starting at $529

After months of rumors, leaks, and teasing the OnePlus 6 is finally a real thing. It starts at $529 and will go on sale May 22.

As usual, it looks like a compelling flagship at an affordable price. But this time around, OnePlus is looking to make the gap between itself and the $1000 flagships smaller than ever.

Let’s start with the specs. They shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but there are a few interesting highlights:

As everyone interested in this phone knows by now, the OnePlus 6 has an iPhone-X like notch. While it doesn’t include any fancy face-detection sensors, it does allow for a larger screen in a body that’s virtually the same size as its predecessor. You can replace Android’s navigation bar with gestures to maximize real estate too.

And don’t worry – if you don’t like the notch, you can hide it in the software. Given the OLED panel’s pure blacks, that’ll make the display cutout virtually invisible.

More polarizing will be the glass back, which OnePlus CEO Pete Lau previously justified in a blog post. Having seen the phone now, my opinion remains largely the same as back then: without wireless charging, a glass back just doesn’t make much sense.

At least, that’s true of the cheapest Mirror Black finish, which just looks nice enough… but also very generic. The Midnight Black, on the other hand, has a cool frosted look that’s far more unique and feels great in hand. My favorite by far is the Silk White, a limited edition color which won’t be available right at launch. It has a gorgeous matte pearl finish, accentuated with a rose gold trim. That colorway is beautiful, and I wish OnePlus used its bolder designs on the base model. I mean, just look at Huawei’s take with the P20.