Here’s how to listen to articles on your phone

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Although you can probably read a lot quicker than you can listen, sometimes it’s just too much effort to stare at your phone screen to read a long-form article after a hard day at work staring at your computer screen.

Maybe you catch yourself drifting off, your mind wanders to the weird corners of your brain, or you’re just bored of the sound of the voice in your head and of course, you can’t read all the time.

There’s a whole selection of apps that make news more accessible and engaging. There are paid subscription services like Curio, Noa, and Narro, or free services including The Atlantic’s SoundCloud library with audio versions of their articles, and a wide selection of stories on Medium are free to listen to, until you’ve reached your monthly limit. 

If you’re only interested in a free service to listen to today’s top news, Pocket is an app available on iOS, Android, and desktop, that allows you to listen to a wide selection of articles from publications including The New York Magazine, Wired, and MIT Technology Review.

To download Pocket and listen to articles all you have to do is:

  • Head to your app store, be that Android or iOS, or simply visit Pocket’s website on desktop 
  • Create an account using an email and password
  • Choose whether you want a free account or PocketPremium. (A free account allows you to save, read, watch, and listen to content on the app — but it’s a limited selection than the premium account. But if you opt for the upgraded account, for either £3.99 or £34.99 per year, you’ll have an ad-free experience, a wider range of fonts, a permanent library, and a powerful search bar to find topics you’re interested in, suggested tags, and unlimited highlighting).
  • Once you’ve selected your account preference, head to the home page.
  • On this page, a timeline will appear showing news in chronological order from various publications.
  • Simply click an article, and select the headphone icon to begin listening.