I went on a Border Patrol ride-along in one of the most heavily crossed areas on the US-Mexico border — here’s what happened

MCALLEN, Texas — I was in Southern Texas covering the immigration crisis and separation of families for nearly a day when I got word that I had secured a Border Patrol ride-along.

“The Rio Grande sector accounts for about 40% of the apprehensions in the United States,” a Border Patrol agent named Chris Seiler told me as we drove away from the station a few days later. “The McAllen station specifically is about 20% of the entire nation, and we catch about 300 individuals a day just in this 50-mile span of border.”

For nearly five hours last Monday morning, I followed Seiler and another agent, Rene Quintanilla, around as they patrolled on and around the Rio Grande, which separates the US and Mexico.

Here’s what happened:

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