Instagram is testing week-long Stories

Instagram appears to be testing a new feature that Stories users are going to love.

As it currently works, Stories is the ephemeral feature stolen from made popular by Snapchat. Users upload photos and videos, add stickers, scribbles, or text in a “story” that disappears after 24 hours. But new version spotted by some lucky users appears to stretch Stories from 24 hours, to a full week.

If you’re lucky enough to have it, you’ll notice it right away with a quick peek at the top bar. Instead of “last 24 hours,” it now says “last week,” although for now it still only allows you to post content from the last 24 hours.

Credit: Later

For brands, the move should be a particularly exciting one. As content creators latch onto ephemeral platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, the balance has been particularly difficult to find. Creating content that disappears after 24 hours leaves many to weigh just how much work should go into a single story.

The move to lengthen that window should lead to better content, for both brands and enthusiasts alike.

We’ve reached out to Instagram for comment, and will update as needed.

h/t Taylor Loren, Corey Kindberg

Instagram is Testing Removing the 24 Hour Limit on Stories
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