JPMorgan Chase launched an online bank for millennials called Finn, and I prefer it to the real thing

Finn, a mobile bank built by Chase, recently rolled out nationwide. And I gave it a try.

In addition to offering bread-and-butter checking and savings account functionality, it also offers services many firms in the personal finance startup space have built their businesses around. These include automatic saving tools and charts to see where you are spending money.

The point of the app is to help Chase expand in regions where it doesn’t have branches by luring folks who don’t need to use branch-related services.

Personally, I think the app is a better experience than my traditional Chase mobile bank, since it more easily allows you to send checks from the app, save money in an easy and fun way, and keep track of your spending. It’s also free. And there’s no overdraft fees. But it’s not without flaws.

First, the app is pretty ugly. It also has a weird portal that allows you to rate your transactions with emojis, which I think is pointless.

In any case, here’s a walk through I put together to share my experience. Enjoy.

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