Shopify Adds Shipping Label Printing to Mobile App, A Boon for Small Businesses

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) has introduced shipping label printing capability on its mobile app so you can fulfill orders directly from your phone.


Shopify Shipping Labels on Mobile

With the new update, users can create and print shipping labels as well as manage shipping workflows on Android and iOS devices. The new mobile features come after Shopify added multiple updates to its mobile platform in November of 2017 for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping period.

For a small business with online stores, shipping is an integral part of the process. Being able to quickly print shipping labels makes it much easier to process customers’ orders. And with the new mobile capability, you can do it from anywhere.

Kurt Heinrich, Product Manager at Shopify, writes on the company blog, “Now, instead of having to use a computer to purchase and print your shipping labels, you can complete the process anywhere. No more making notes of tasks you need to wrap up when you get back to your desk, or waiting to get shipping labels created.”

Now You Can Order and Print Shopify Shipping Labels on Mobile App

App Features

The app gives you access to all of the features you currently have with Shopify Shipping. This includes lower shipping rates than retail from the carriers the company supports: UPS, DHL Express, USPS and Canada Post.

When you get an order, all you do is tap the “create shipping label” button, select the carrier and shipping service, purchase the label and print it. Using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, the app is able to automatically detect nearby printers.

Benefit for Small Businesses

One of the challenges of competing with large online retailers is being able to fulfill orders and ship them at all hours of the day. The new Shopify Shipping Labels on mobile app lets you fulfill your orders to start the shipping process as fast as possible.

To start using all of the shipping features on your mobile device, download or update the Shopify app for Android or iOS.

Images: Shopify

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