The golden era of podcasts is yet to come

Podcasts have existed on the web for nearly a decade and a half, and pretty much in the same way you know them now: pre-recorded audio files of spoken-word shows that you can download, stream, and play on any internet-connected device. In that time, things haven’t changed a whole lot.

Spotify’s recent acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor means things seem like things could change for the listener in a big way. It led me, an ardent fan of the medium, to question whether the golden age of podcasting is coming to an end.

Right now, you can use practically any podcast app to listen to virtually every show that’s available right now – anywhere in the world. Only a handful are exclusive to certain platforms, or are behind paywalls. That’s big for someone like me, who’s based in India, and has encountered disappointing notifications about content not being available in my region.

Standalone podcast players like Pocket Casts let you listen to virtually any show on the planet