What a 2 bedroom apartment will cost you in 48 cities around the world

apartment living room
Renting an apartment is a major expense.
Condos CCSCA/Flickr

How much you pay to rent an apartment is heavily determined by where you live.

You could pay under $300 for a two-bedroom apartment in Bangalore, India. You could also pay upwards of $3,000 in San Francisco or Hong Kong.

A new report from Deutsche Bank Market Research compiled the monthly rent prices of mid-range two-bedroom apartments in the world’s largest cities. The report used data from Expatistan, a site that tracks the cost of living in over 200 countries.

The report also tracked changes in rent over time. The year-to-year difference between 2017 and 2018 was drastic in some cities (average prices in Lisbon, Portugal, increased 40%) and virtually unchanged in others (a 1% decrease in Chicago).

Here’s what renting a two-bedroom apartment costs in 48 cities around the world.

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